Friday, February 15, 2008

Feedback feb 15 2008

We love feed back on our site and this was a nice bit of feed back we wanted to share with you about Blue Star..

Feedback feb 15 2008

"I took a break from my Aetna work and checked out the site---WWOOOOWWW!!
It's way cool, I especially liked the music, photography fading in out and movement.(click on artist page) It was actually relaxing to watch.
I am definitely intrigued. And I really liked the Teepee too.
I appreciate that there was thought given to the interrelatedness of things (that food was included is a statement of it's importance/ mysticism/appreciation of art of and importance of surrounding yourself with good friends... )
Everyone seems very "centered" - definitely refreshing.
Keep up the good work! Looks like you have plenty of positive things to keep busy with.
Continue having fun and making music- it suits you!" Ilona Barber


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