Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sound X Mex Feb 16 2008

Blue Star Sound X Mexico; These two musicians, although no didgeridoo present, were a perfect romantic addition to the end of a great day on the Island of women. To the locals this place is called Isla Mujeres. I highly recommend this tiny island on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula for a recharging and relaxing quick getaway from the day in and day out grind.
Here in this video clip Sarah journals our day sipping a Sol as we prepare for our tomorrows journey across the Yucatan.
Here Sarah stands in front Chichen Itza wearing her mochela, which means school bag, the most famous and best restored of the Yucatans Penninsula's Maya sites . The Mayan local told me much about the 2012 profecies, it was his beliefe that come 2012 nothing would happen. It just signifies the beginning of a new period, or time. Like resetting our watch or calander to yet another era. Our all time favorite ruin to visit was Ek Balam. Vegitation still covers most of this ruins but excavations and restorations continue to reveal stunning finds. We had this place almost all to ourselves this day with just a light drizzle. It seemed to keep out the would be tourists and it was truly amazing to see. After a very intense journey it was time to head back to Na Balam for the last four days to recover and get ready to head back to the north east. It was good to get home to Slow, who guarded Blue Star while we were gone. Thank you to Manaja and Trent two super dependable and smart guys who watched after Slow and Blue Star while working on their own very cool projects geared towards the progression of human evolution through the visual arts VERY cool stuff. copy and paste this site for a real treat!


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