Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sound X 10
Pro Drummers Birthday!
April 12,2008

Today’s sound experiment happened with only a few hours notice. There was no session planned until I spoke to pro drummer that morning and filled him in on John Ellis coming down to do some work on the board with pro tools.
Turns out that John brought his guitar just in case we played a bit and play we did! Pro drummer comes over with his new bass guitar and his friend Matt who just so happens to play a mean bass. Matt from what I understood was into country bass lines a bit, as well as a bunch of other styles but this is how the afternoon went. Oh and did I mention Matt knows space jams? Well he does. Sarah and I just coming off the Levon Helms midnight ramble last weekend in Woodstock were already in the country barn jam mode and it sure came out in this mix. Sarah came home and her and Slow dog added their energy to the great afternoon too!

But keep in mind it was Pro Drummers birthday and he was a bit fired up and ready to hit the skins like we were in front of a crowd of 10 thousand. Even with the aching back he brought his a game. John’s lead support on his ax combined with the didge, flutes and harmonica with some country lyrics and the day proved to be a very listenable extravaganza.