Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sound X 11
May 16 2008
Great Spirit

Today was a day that just clicked for our quartet. It has been a long stretch since we have all been together in the studio here at Blue Star and we came together this day as if we have been rehearsing weekly. Rich coming off a solid week or two of his retirement from Etna
and Pro drummer having a few weeks to nurse his sore back helped the smoothness of this session.
John O’reilly was anxious to strap on his bass and had many weeks away from our sound to contemplate the sounds of the free flowingness that these grooves calls for. Sarah put on a killer food spread for our break and we all enjoyed a medley of pasta, salads and tasty morsels of goodness, thanks Sarah!
Slow even fell asleep on the floor in front of my didgeridoo and you know it’s good if he does that, a true litmus test for the studio he is.

I have been fighting an illness as well for many weeks. I’ve seen doctors to natural paths and some speculate Lyme disease, others a strong virus. X-rays, MRI tanks and a super cleansing diet with lots of good food and rest were ordered. Either way, no conclusiveness to what it is and up to this session I was experiencing dizziness and tingling in my left arm and leg. But after this session and spending the time mixing it on the board I have seem to come out of my sickness and have felt better than I have in months! Music is medicine it would seem. I also must admit my good friends Sequoyah Trueblood and the women he walks beside Marlyn Cane came a few days earlier and spend some healing time here with Sarah me and Slow and their energy was all over this place when the boys showed up to record on Friday, so a big thank you to them as well for their energy, love and kindness.
When it all came together the music was smooth, tight and very enjoyable. We have our first charitable show this weekend at the Hole in the Wall Camp that Paul Newman put together a few years ago and this will be our second appearance with these great people, thanks to Paul Newman for his consciousness.
Sound X 11 has given us the “loose mapping” that we will use for our show. Thank you to Rich, John and Pro Drummer for coming and bringing your talent to share with us here at the Blue Star. Great thanks, great peace and great love!