Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Starting Fire!

In this amazing video, Kevin TIncher shows a small group of students how to start the sacred fire. Half way through this there is a special appearance from Tata Pedro Cruz. Very cool! This close up shot shows the correct size hole to start with on your fire board.

It's been a while since the last entry but I wanted to continue along with the vibe that we have all created here with Gathering of the Peace Makers thanks again to Robert and Julia Roskind. Go here for all the info on the up and coming Gathering of the Peacemakers!

Kevin Tincher and Yes-I were among the many people and presenters that made it to Blue Star here in Connecticut on October 12 for the filming of the first of a four part series called Conscious Conversations and Mindful Music.

This documentary is attempting to collect many different world wisdom's and indigenous beliefs as they relate to the sacred four directions. Here is a picture of Grand Master Aiping Cheng teaching at Blue Star This project was created as a result of ideas formed at Gathering of the Peacemakers and is intended to bring cohesiveness to our culture. We see this vision reaching worldwide levels quickly and will prove to us through the reconnection to nature that many of us have naturally grown separated from our true source. We believe this to be a natural phenomenon one that was necessary to show us the correct path by straying from the true path. There are many different modalities and schools of thought that address this topic. It is not our job to judge rather we intend to bridge the commonalities of there practices to show how many cultures are speaking the same language. here are two elders we work with on a regular basis. Sequoyah Trueblood and Marlyn Cane.

Through attention to a wide range of indigenous and ancient belief structures we hope to reunify as many people as we can through self-awareness to what has always been present and available to us but most times easily overlooked.

Through this community and ones like it, we hope to raise the level of our awareness with the guidance of our elders and their indigenous wisdoms. It is our intention to show that our lives are not about conquering nature, but rather seeing our inseparableness from it.

If we can make the necessary corrections to our perception and help each other, our neighbors, families, allies and especially our adversaries, to wake to the next level of collective consciousness, then there is hope for the humanity’s’ continued symbiotic existence on our planet.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Blue Star Project and would like to host a conscious conversation we encourage you to contact us to find out how. There are three more gathering scheduled the next one is on The winter solstice then the spring equinox followed by the summer solstice. We have a group of people gathering for their own similar conversation in Southern California for the winter solstice and hope to have a few more groups to carry on this movement. Coming together like we all did at Gathering of the Peace makers will make a difference if we all do just a little bit to help usher it through. Remember it is not about going with the flow rather it is becoming the flow that sets us free. Much love and respect and hope all of you are doing well.

Pete and Sarah